You could say I was born with scissors in my hand, because both my mother and uncle were hair stylists and I inherited their love for this fantastic art. I began when I was 14 and I immediately realised that I did not want to do anything else with my life. I love seeing a person’s expression when the decision has finally been taken and they see their new look – it is really gratifying! I pursue ongoing improvement and I have very high expectations of both myself and my staff, continuous updating ensures we are always up with the times and latest trends! In the salon I am responsible for coordinating the activities, giving technical and styling advice, and getting the job done, even though each member of the staff is fully trained to handle any request, with the flair and professionalism that our clients expect when they enter the salon.




What can I say? I am a sincere and direct person who is ethically motivated (I find it difficult to believe that there are persons who do not work ethically). I need continuous stimulation and because of this I am very selective in choosing the persons who are near to me, including colleagues! I love my work so much that it has become my hobby and for this journey I am taking I need continuous innovation to feed my knowledge.