My aunt in Basilicata was a hairdresser and when I was young I was always attracted to watch her colouring hair of the clients, so when I was grown up my natural passion brought me to choosing this job. I started with this group on a school stage and then together we decided to grow together and remain united and this makes me feel very proud. So what can I say? I have always loved painting and mixing colours to make persons unique and in harmony with their interior being, to transform each person into a masterpiece, thanks to the knowledge and abilities that I am gradually assimilating over a period of time and thanks also to my colleagues and training courses that I have been attending. But apart from enjoying playing with colours, I also like to relax my clients with relaxing massages so that they can free themselves of unpleasant thoughts and let them relax completely. I am a little worried that sooner or later the group photo will be taken again, but I will prepare myself for the eventuality.



I am from Basilicata and have lived in Verona for 14 years. I consider myself to be a very cheerful person. I like to laugh, joke and always enjoy myself, so I always have a smile on my lips. I am very outgoing towards everyone and I love getting involved with other people.
Apart from work, another great passion of mine is animals. There is something that I cannot stand about me and that is I am very impulsive and don’t think about what could happen.

I demand much of myself and am never 100% satisfied of what I do and what I have and consequently I put in more effort with the maximum concentration.